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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

iPark it app

iPark it Application for the iPhone / iPod touch
Right away this app struck me as something i could waste 10 minutes a day or so playing it.
It IS addictive as it says in the title, This app is loaded with a myriad of of features that enhance its ability to please the senses. Such as the acceleration stick on the left , requiring you to use caution in every move you make; to the wheel on the right giving you the ability to make turns and twists at your will.

There are 40 levels , the intensity increasing as you go up.

Now don't get me wrong there are some problems with this app.
I found my self  failing many times , now typically i would be fine with this, just get back and go? No. 
Not that simple.
After you spend your 3 lives, you do not get them back so you have one life plus how every many points you have to waste on a life ( 300 points a life ).
So i found my self many times back in the main menu and to make it worse
You could only select levels at sections like level 29, 33, 37. 
So if you were at level 40 and fail , which happens often as that level is intense, the closest you can get back to 37, not exactly what you as the consumer want.

So overall , I give this application produced by Addicting Games
a healthy 3/5
For being fun and entertaining
needs serious maintenance to make it more user friendly
This application will cost you .99 USD


  1. not a bad looking little app =D

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  3. This blog has quite the following!

  4. i don't know if i should spend my money on this app

  5. im gonna get this app on my ipod now

  6. I got road rage lol. Pretty fun little app.